September 22, 2016

The President's Lady

The President's Lady is an exciting romantic drama set against the explosive mess that is politics. Irving Stone has brought to light a wonderful story of a woman who only wanted to be loved in a world that hated her, and whose husband was continuously dragged away into politics. The story also shows the life of Andrew Jackson, a man who did not know what he wanted, causing him to always fall into failure. But when he finally discovers what he wants, he may have to sacrifice his wife to gain it. 

It is a time of frontiersmen, Indians and survival. And Rachel Roberts is right in the middle of it all with her own battles to win - but not the kind of battles you win with a gun. Lewis Roberts, Rachel's husband, is an alcohol-abusing man with an insanely jealous nature. As a result, poor Rachel is subject to Lewis' slanderous remarks on her character and even violence. Rachel cannot see any way her life could improve, but then on a trip to her family home, she meets a young man who is willing to rescue her from her husband. Andrew Jackson is a dashing young frontiersman with vastly unpopular ideas, but Rachel finds herself attracted to this man. Yet no matter how mush they love each other, the lives of Andrew and Rachel Jackson will always be full of slander. Is their love enough to protect from the storm? 

This was a wonderfully haunting story. Rachel Jackson is perhaps the most misunderstood woman in American history, and Irving Stone brings her story to life through wonderfully worded paragraphs that you will remember for a long time. I would suggest that children under ten not read this story due to some rather harsh allegations against Rachel Jackson later in the book. Many people were very suspicious of the Jacksons, and a few even accused Rachel of being and adulteress. I believe children under ten do not need to be burdened with those hateful allegations. This is a very good book that you will enjoy long after you close the back cover.


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