February 8, 2017

In the Face of Danger

In 1988, Joan Lowery Nixon sat down and penned the Orphan Train series, a collection of novels following the journey of the six Kelly children. These children had lived a happy life in New York City and, though they were very poor, they didn't mind one bit. They had a mother who loved them, a roof over their heads, and most of all they had each other; their lives could not have been more perfect. None of the Kelly children expected their lives to change, at least not as drastically as it had, but when Mike, the third Kelly child, was caught pick-pocketing, change was inevitable. Now sent west to find better homes for themselves, the Kelly children are split up and are forced to begin a new life far way from everything that they cared about. Though each child must face his or her own fear in their new homes, Megan is possibly the one with the most to fear. Will she be able to overcome it in this, her story, In the Face of Danger?

Megan had never been more frightened in her life; the gypsy woman had reached out with her twisted old hand and had grabbed Megan's wrist so hard that it hurt. Looking into her trembling palm, the old woman had sneered and despite the shouts and broom Ma had hurled at her, said, "Bad penny. Bad luck will always fall on you and yours." That gypsy curse had terrified Megan every day since then; was she really a bad penny, an ill luck omen? Was it a coincidence or was it her fault that Da had died? Was it her fault or Mike's that the family had been separated and sent away? Was it all part of the curse? And now that Megan had a new family, would the curse continue to haunt her; would she bring bad luck to this new family too?

Another wonderful book from accomplished author Joan Lowery Nixon. Though more slowly paced than the last two, In the Face of Danger is still excellent and another winner for the Orphan Train series. Without a doubt another well written story that will captivate both adults and kids. I do not feel the need for an age limit on this book; just be informed that in one chapter the family dog is killed. Use your own discretion when reading the description of that death to children.


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