June 19, 2017

Whence Came a Prince

Scotland, the land of rolling green hills and moors, stretching on forever to the sea, where the waves crash in foaming white caps. Imagine living here, one with the land and touching the sky, born from the land and raised to tend it. Imagine the people: big, brawny Scotsmen and landowners, tradesmen and shepherds. Wouldn't you like to explore this land? With this book you can. Whence Came a Prince by Liz Curtis Higgs, the third in a series, tells th story of a journey across Scotland, the journey which would change three people's lives forever.

Leana never thought her life would unfold like this; the man she loved taken from her by her sister, her child kept from her, and her name dragged through the mud. But Leana was still happy. She knew the Lord was with her and he had blessed her greatly in many ways - most of all with another child. -
Rose could not be happier; she had everything she had ever wanted; a roof over her head, a husband who loved her, and a stepson she adored. Then oh happy day Rose became pregnant. How could she not be happy? She could finally give her husband sons of her own. But she couldn't help feeling guilty about Leana. -
Jamie was wrestling with himself. Everything had gone wrong. What was he supposed to do now? He loved his wife Rose, but he had loved her sister too; he had stolen from his father and brother; and no matter how hard he tried he couldn't make himself trust God with his problems. Was there no way to redeem himself?

I did not particularly like this book. While the writing and storytelling were fine, I was constantly distracted, because the story itself is an almost exact copy of the Jacob, Lean, and Rachel story from the Bible. I am okay with authors basing their stories on the Bible or putting in an allegory, but this was too much and in the long run took away from the story. For those who do want to read it, though, I would recommend that twelve and up only read this book because there are some very delicate matters about life, death, and marriage; as well as some rather detailed child birthing chapters.


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